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Hello and welcome to this course. This course is about Xamarin Forms with Prism. For sure you want to create a Xamarin Forms app with the most dynamic structure as possible. And you want to do it without too much cost or time. So here comes MVVM pattern to help you and make sure you do it with confidence and with the lowest cost as possible. And with prism, it’s just adding a NuGet Package!

So, what is Prism? It’s a well known MVVM library that has been around for a long time. And used by many people (Over a 90,000+ downloads) with xamarin forms. By using Prism, it’s just a matter of understanding not doing! You will see the structure of the app are more flexible and you can add your code easily and add your views. All done! Go have some coffee or hangout with your coworkers 🙂

As a person who has been using Xamarin Forms for a long time, when you go without MVVM it’s terrible and hard to maintain. From navigation to binding without  MVVM it’s not the optimal solution. With MVVM, and with Prism it’s like magic. Not saying that for any gain it’s my recommendation to you always go with MVVM with xamarin forms even if you use any other libraries. Also, check out the enterprise application patterns using xamarin.forms which recommend using MVVM pattern to develop your mobile application.

So, this course will go with you throughout the different aspects that Prism and how to use them. No need for previous knowledge of MVVM or Prism. We will walk through these areas for you. For sure you can check the sample lecture which will talk about Prism and other aspects of this course you will understand what to expect from this course. Also, there is a GitHub Repository which contains all the source code of the demos in this course so you can have a reference example later on.

So what are you waiting for? Join us now in the Xamarin Forms Prism Course!

Who is the target audience?
  • Xamarin Developers
  • Anyone interested in using Prism with Xamarin
  • Anyone who wants to do MVVM with Xamarin Forms


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